About Us

Who we are:


Company History

Afrobiashara was founded in 2014, but carries with it a wealth of experience from successfully executed projects. A management consultancy firm, the company seeks to help businesses within Kenya and Africa grow sustainably and ensure that the company is profitable and growing.


What the company does

Afrobiashara is in the business of empowering business teams: management, employees, and owners, to successfully carry out profitable business in a sustainable manner. We set our business strategy to capture long-term thinking, ensuring that the business is stable in both the short term and long run.


Vision statement

Building Africa, one business at a time.


Mission statement

Working with SME’s to increase their business value, ensuring that they are sustainably profitable and growing.

Helping SMEs take advantage of their resources and people to achieve company goals. Our recommendations challenge the norm and consistently achieve the extra ordinary.


Core Values:

  • People
  • Proficiency
  • Passion
  • Profitability

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